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Zest! Media- Frequently Asked Questions

Zest! Media - Website Design without the Geek Speak

How do I know when I've found the right design firm?

In the same way you'd know when you found a good pair of shoes, it'll just feel comfortable. In order to evaluate a potential firm, you should consider the following:
  1. Portfolio, portfolio, portfolio. Do you like it? Does it speak to what you're trying to accomplish for your site? Are the sites user-friendly in addition to being attractive? Does the company seem to focus on one industry or vertical market?
  2. Quality of Proposal. A good proposal from a design firm should include details about every component of your project, how much they cost, and estimated timelines for delivery. The detail and care in the proposal is often a reflection of the detail and care you will get for your project.
  3. Knowledge and Responsiveness. The sign of a truly worthwhile firm is one that takes the time to answer any questions you might about how the process works or gladly explains terms and topics you're unfamiliar with.
What are your prices?
Because the requirements for every project is different, we will provide a fixed-price project quote after assessing your needs. In our proposal, we will break down the prices for each portion of your project, allowing you to prioritise and remove items from scope if necessary. Our custom website designs begin at 489.

How long will it take for my website to show up in the search engines?
This depends entirely on when the search engines send out their web crawlers or spiders to catalog your site. This can take 1 week or 2 months! We help the process along by submitting your site to the search engines. This lets them know you'd would like to be added to their queue for indexing.

How do I get a high ranking in the search engines for my website?
High ranking in the search engines is dependent on a host of different factors, including amount of keywords in your content and linkages. Never trust a web company that says they can guarantee first page placement on Google. For one, Google does not design their search engine to be easily manipulated. Even the world's top search engine experts would never claim to have a search engine "figured out". The best way to be placed high in the search engines is to write a lot of good, relevant content for your website. This gives your site a lot of credibility and offers tremendous value to web users. Additionally, work with a reputable search engine marketing firm to pursue an aggressive placement campaign.