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About Zest! Media - What makes us tick?

Zest! Media - Website Design without the Geek Speak

Conceptualisation is the second phase. This is where the fun begins! Our designers go away with all the information and come up with a concept for your review - always keeping in mind functionality, best design practices, and ease-of-use.

Designing the look and feel for your site is just one aspect of the conceptualisation phase, other tasks also need to be addressed before moving on:

  • Site Map - We need to determine the architecture of your site by developing a detailed site map.
  • Usability Standards - If there is any technical development, we will need to make sure that the design and functionality meet all the usability standards.
Once we have decided on the look of your site and have identified all the pages that need to be constructed, we are ready to start putting the site together in the Implementation Phase.