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Zest! Media Services
Website Design without the Geek Speak

Zest! Media Web & Graphic DesignLet the people speak! Short of having someone walk through your actual store, how do you convey the depth and quality of your products or services online? One part of the shopping experience usually lost when a customer browses online is the human element. They cant ask questions or get other people opions can they?

Wrong. With Zest! Medias PHP Forum software you can let your customers share information about your products and services, including photos, prices, or detailed specs, with accuracy and ease - All the ime monitored by trusted users and moderators. We’ve made it simple to add, edit, and delete products to your online catalog utilising an intuitive web-based tool.

General Features Standard Option
100% Ownership of the Code   Zest! Media Web & Graphic Design
Ability to scale as your business grows Zest! Media Web & Graphic Design  
Custom interface design Zest! Media Web & Graphic Design  
Easy management Via Control Panel Zest! Media Web & Graphic Design  
Administrative Features Standard Option
Ability to add, edit, delete posts Zest! Media Web & Graphic Design  
Control over forum categories & listings Zest! Media Web & Graphic Design  
Image uploading Zest! Media Web & Graphic Design  
Search function Zest! Media Web & Graphic Design  

Want to know more? We'd be happy to demo our Forum at your convenience. Watch out, you just might like it!