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Zest! Media Services
Website Design without the Geek Speak

Need us to give you a little space? Theres more to think about when buying hosting that just cost. Security, reliability and availability are all major factors that should be considered.

Zest! Media have teamed up with an industry leading hosting provider to offer high-end web hosting with a 99.7% guaranteed server uptime we manage and configure all our web and database servers to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Zest! Medias servers benefit from:

  • 99.7% Guaranteed Uptime
  • Dedicated support staff available 24hrs a day
  • Temperature regulated server space
  • Automatic 24hr Backups

Depending on your requirements Zest! Media can offer two main types of hosting:

Shared Hosting - For the majority of our customers shared hosting will be more than satisfactory, sharing a servers resources with other Zest! Media customers will offer considerable cost benefits compared to a dedicated server.

Dedicated Server - In the case of much more demanding sites or sites with particularly high traffic or specific individual configuration requirements a dedicated server may offer much more flexibility. We recommend dedicated servers to national / international sites with a large customer base.

In addition to the server specifications listed above we also offer SQL database hosting and unless otherwise requested we host all our sites on linux servers with HTML and PHP our preffered programming languages. If neccessary windows hosting can be arranged at no extra cost.